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With a custom design by Fabio Wibmer, the Coron Air SPIN protects the inspiration that comes from finding where the limits lie.

Approaching every obstacle with creativity and the inspiration to do things differently has always been the ethos POC has shared with Fabio Wibmer. Now, as he leads and reimagines what is possible on a bike, and as POC leads and innovates in the development of award-winning protection, the two have come together to develop the exclusive Fabio signature series. Everything in the series features details designed by Fabio himself.

The Coron Air SPIN is made for performance, protection, ventilation and all-day comfort. Certified for use in downhill and enduro racing, the helmet features an advanced fiber-glass shell and a multi-impact EPP liner for performance and durability at a low weight. With ventilation optimized for all-day use, the helmet ensures airflow is maximized at both low and high speed. The helmet also features an innovative breakaway peak that will come off in an impact to minimize forces transferred to the rider’s neck, as well as removable cheek pads that make it easier to remove the helmet gently if an accident happens.